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Data Solution for governments

Why Amplus Gov?

For government institutions, being honest and transparent is one of the key steps to maintaining long-term public and institutional support. Our goal is to enable that by offering a solution focused on data management, transparency and efficiency.

We are delighted to offer a simple tool kit to facilitate the needs of either a government starting the Open Data path or one that is matured and needs to continue accuracy.

With Amplus we can ensure you will with ease organize, visualize and share your data with the public through a secure data platform.

Amplus will help you execute strategic plans, increase community engagement and sustain positive public opinion.

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With Amplus you are in control, the choice is simple!


  • Public transparency
  • Security and user integration
  • Fully automated processes
  • Transforms information into actionable insights
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Amplus Organizations page
  • Community engagement
  • Enables visualization of data
  • Improves operations and productivity
  • Helps to build trust among the citizens or external stakeholders

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